Personal Fitness Trainer for Middle & Senior Adulthood

Personal Training – Tailored for Individuals


Looking for a Personal Fitness Trainer? Autumn Years was set up to provide alternative fitness opportunities for individuals and groups in Hastings & nearby Rother aimed at more mature people (40+).

We recognise that mainstream fitness doesn’t suit everyone.

Autumn Years provides a wide range of Personal Fitness Programmes to cater for a wide variety of needs with an emphasis on holistic fitness, incorporating both body and mind, for middle and senior adulthood.

Are you  Shielding?

We are offering Virtual Fitness Training Sessions for the people in Middle Age, Elderly & Vulnerable. Contact us to discuss.

The Benefits of Autumn Years Fitness

Autumn Years Fitness prides itself on offering a professional, high quality, personalised service. You can therefore be confident that the services provided will be delivered to the highest standard, whilst having fun.

We will help you achieve your goals and aspirations and provide ongoing motivation to help you, on your fitness and training journey.

We recognise that exercise is beneficial not only in terms of helping you feel better, making your stronger, more mobile, etc.

Fitness also helps to boost your immunity as well as improving your mood, mental health, sleep and generally feeling good about yourself.

This is where the ‘holistic’ approach is essential and is our main aim to help you meet your aspirations and get ‘the feel good factor’.

Training can be delivered in your own home, local gyms, community facilities as well as parks, gardens, open spaces, seafront and the beach.

About Chrystal

Chrystal Brookes is a qualified & experienced Aerobic & Pilates Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist & has over 25 years’ experience in providing fitness instruction for groups, classes and 1:1 Fitness Instruction.

Is a qualified First Aider

Is a full member of the Registered Exercise Professionals (Code of Conduct)

Has over 30 years Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


A Personalised Service

Autumn Years Fitness spends time getting to know you, exploring your aspirations along with your likes and dislikes.

We also explore your lifestyle, for example, if your aspiration is weight loss/ body fat loss we would explore your current diet and frequency (what you currently eat, how often, etc.), any pre-existing health conditions, current activities, work, sleep, stress, etc.

This doesn’t mean giving up the things you enjoy, so don’t panic!

We will work with you on making small changes over time, which will put you in a better healthier position, long into the future.

From this exploration we will agree goals and a Personalised programme i developed for you, which not only includes exercises but also includes calorific intake plans (how many calories per day, the amount of carbohydrates, protein, etc.)

Personal Trainer vs Generic Trainer

Why take on a Personal Trainer, I hear you ask

The benefits of a Personal Trainer is that they work solely with you personally, meet your personal needs, goals and aspirations and build a Personalised programme especially for you.

Your Personal Trainer will constantly update records, monitor your performance, change, modify and adapt your Personalised programme according to your personal progress.

The benefits also include your choice of where and when you want to train, whether that’s in your own home, local fitness venues or the great outdoors, it will be your choice that is built into your Personalised Training & Fitness Plan.

Choice and control meets many people’s needs especially individuals who may not feel confident at a gym or fitness venue or suffer from conditions such as negative self-image, self-esteem or agoraphobia.

Personal Training Sessions will be planned at a time convenient to you.

If cost is an issue, why not consider training with a friend or partner, this shares the costs and you still get the benefits of a Personal Trainer. The initial assessment would still be personal but the ongoing training session costs can be shared.  Click here for Personal Fitness Trainer Service details.

Couples, friends & small groups

In this day and age of austerity and limited finances, we can provide options for sharing the cost of a Personal Trainer between couples, friends or small groups (up to 4).

The only proviso is that your goals and aspirations need to be similar e.g. improving mobility/flexibility, weight loss/ body fat loss, improving strength, etc.

We are creating a new page of information for those interested Fitness for Individuals.

Group classes for Individuals

Group classes enables individuals to meet new people and make new friends that share a common interest and who knows where it could go from there…

If you are an individual interested in joining one of our group classes we are creating a new page for Fitness for Individuals.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor exercises and activities enable individuals to be out in the fresh air and enjoying nature along with other like-minded people.

These exercises and activities will be delivered in local parks & gardens, open spaces, woods and the seafront & beach.

Outdoor exercises and activities are ‘fair weather’ based so you don’t need to worry about coming out in rainy, windy & miserable days.

Groups messaging will keep you ‘in the know’ of exercises and activities taking place.

Personal Fitness Trainer & Sports Nutrition- Hastings, Bexhill, Battle & Rother Area

We provide Fitness Training & Sports Nutrition in Hastings, Bexhill, Battle and Rother Area aimed at middle & senior adulthood & adults with a Learning Disability.

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